Best clubs for millionaires in famous cities around the world!

Posted by | Feb 6th, 2017

Best clubs for millionaires in famous cities around the world!

Being a millionaire doesn’t mean someone has experienced almost everything in the world. Vacations at a homely environment are not the same as a vacation as exclusive places and clubs. Millionaires of these days pass leisure in different distinguished places and remain distinguished. A new concept of such group of people is making clubs and getting memberships. This practice is very common around the world. Here you can get a good idea about the best clubs for the millionaire around the globe.


It is a club launched in 2005. It is really an exclusive one located in the great city of Manhattan. This club is a great place to pass the great fun time. It has a museum & a gallery as well. This is where someone can get body & soul excitement and can reveal many new things. As it is located in the heart of New York, there are chances to meet the famous most celebrities while having a membership of this club.

The Millionaire Underdog-Club:

This is a great place for the millionaires who are in the investment business and owners of different corporations. This club is located in Stockholm. For a wealthy person that wants to grow his business even faster, taking membership of this club can be great.

Yellowstone Club:

This club is in Yellowstone of United States. This is basically a private golf community where many wealthy people like Microsoft owner Bill Gates pass the time. The yearly membership charge of this club is two million dollars. The membership of this club will allow you to use ten private properties worldwide with any prior reservation.

Solstice Homes:

This club is in California and this is one of the prime destinations of the wealthy people lives in the United States. This is a great place for holidays. This club will offer you breathtaking nature and also delicious wine. Top-notch privacy is warranted too. Here you can choose destinations, say as Italy or UK.

Emperor’s Club:

The membership of this club is 575000 dollar a year. It is in Colorado. In case you have a private jet and few other islands, this club can be a perfect match for you. It is open for all international millionaires.


This club offers many benefits to its members. It has twelve destinations include Paris and St. Thomas. This club offers exclusive cars and private jets to enjoy. The membership charge is around 345,000 dollars a year.

Markers Golfer Residence Club:

This multiplication club has founded in 2005 with a nice golf twist. With the membership of this club, you can get a chance to hang around luxurious residences and destinations in Scotland, Hawaii, and in some other places.

Exclusive Resorts:

This club is in Delver and has founded in 2002. It 1600 members of this club has the chance to hang around a large real estate area that has a monetary value something close to 750 US dollars. The membership of this club will charge you around $30000. Millionaires having a keen interest in architecture would be a good fit with this club.