Find Your Millionaire With These Handy Tips

Posted by | July 21th, 2017

Find Your Millionaire With These Handy Tips

Finding someone to date is a challenge. That challenge is even greater when you are determined to date outside your social circle and not get involved with someone at work. For those who want to find a millionaire to share your life with, it can be very tricky. This is true whether there is a racial barrier or simply a difference in the number of zeroes associated with your bank account. Keep the following in mind when you are hunting for a millionaire to love, and you will find your match.

Have Self Confidence

You probably took a step in that direction already when you decided that you wanted to date a millionaire and you set out to meet someone new. Both of these indicate you have the self-confidence to set goals for yourself and work to achieve them. Instead of sitting home wishing you could meet someone new, you are getting out and making an effort to meet someone. Also, you have set a goal of meeting a millionaire, so you aren't out to meet just any man. That shows confidence.

If you are a little light on the confidence to achieve these goals, then it is time to start building yourself up. Take stock of your good qualities daily, keep a gratitude journal for all the things you recognize as going well for you during the day and give yourself a confidence boost through celebrating successes in your life.

Avoid Talking Money

If you do attend an event or actually score a date with a millionaire, then be sure that money is the last thing on your mind and the last thing you choose to talk about. They are aware of how much money they have. Instead, focus on talking about the event you are attending or the wine, food or relevant facts about your date. Share things about yourself and be honest about your lifestyle.

The person you are dating is just that – a person. Remember that you are on a date with a person and not a bank account.

Be Attracted to the Person, Not the Dollar Sign

If you are looking for a millionaire to be in a relationship with, keep in mind that his money is not going to be what you spend the most time with. If their attitude, their character traits and their interests don't match up with yours, then it won't matter how much money they have because you won't be together long.

Instead of focusing on their wealth, focus on their looks, their sense of humor and their other personality traits. Make sure you are drawn to them for the person they are. Their wealth should always be a secondary factor. You wouldn't appreciate being rejected for the amount of money you make in a year, so don't treat someone else in a manner that you wouldn't appreciate if it was directed at you.

Show Your Intelligence

Most people with money prefer to be surrounded by intelligent conversationalists and those who like to discuss the events of the day and ways to solve them. Therefore, it is important that you appear educated in order to gain the interest of someone with money and have any hope of keeping that interest alive.

You can show you are smart by having intelligent conversations, avoiding slang and inappropriate phrasing during a conversation and putting in the effort to know what you are talking about at an art exhibit or other event where the people will have money and expect you to be on their level.