Tired of Dating Below Your Pay Grade?

Posted by Millionairedatesites.com | Aug 2th, 2016

Tired of Dating Below Your Pay Grade?

Many times you find yourself dating someone that isn’t able to contribute financially. It can make moving forward a difficult decision. You don’t want to be stuck fitting the bill for everything. That is why you want to take a look at some tips to finding the perfect mate on your level. You want to find someone that is perfect for you and for your wallet. There is nothing worse than falling in love and not being able to take it any further because they aren’t able to handle pitching in on the bills. You don’t want to get stuck paying all of the bills or find out that you can’t afford that nice apartment together on just your income.

It can be hard sometimes to find someone that is able to deliver what you are looking for in a relationship. Sometimes you just want someone who makes good money. Most of the time money doesn’t matter in a relationship. However, there are other times where it means a lot. Here are some tips on landing that mate that is on your level financially or the one that will be able to support you.

Dress to Impress

Unfortunately people are judging you every step of the way. If you decide to walk around in sweats all day, you can’t expect to pull a millionaire. However, if you are dressed to impress, you are more likely to catch the eye of a rich one. Designer labels are important to some people. They know what to look for and what these brands cost. Rich people like to deal with other rich people because they don’t want to worry about those that are only dating them for their money. Check out a thrift shop or shop discounted brands online to get great deals on designer clothing if you can’t afford a full priced trendy wardrobe.

Choosing the Right Location

When you go out, you aren’t going to find millionaires at the local pub around the corner. It is best to try hotel bars instead. Business men on trips may frequent these places. Also, getting involved in a country club or golf course is another great way to find men who have a higher status. Fancy nightclubs and dance halls are also great places to spend time. It is important to make sure that you are frequenting places in your area where those with status hang out.

Housewife Status

When you are looking for a rich man, you have to maintain the mind state of a 1950’s housewife. If you are going to have a man paying all of your bills, they will be expecting that you handle the normal housewife duties like cooking and cleaning. Knowing how to cook is important. If you are not able to pull off creating a solid meal, you may want to take a few classes. Being able to offer something in return will make it easier to keep your man happy and engaged in the relationship.

It is really important to have some idea of what needs to be done to grab their attention and keep it. Setting your set up for success and getting in the right mind state can be an effective way to begin.